Terre del Lacrima: what's this?

Now we have grabbed your interest about our project we would like to introduce you little bit more on what it's all about it. Let us start with something easy, the most common first question we get asked.

Why this name? What does it mean?

I am glad you were wondering as well so my answer is straight next.

While brainstorming in our association meetings about the mission and goal for the project we discussed at length about what exactly we should be promoting. Our accommodations? Not really, yes they are nice but it would not represent exactly our offer. The wineries? Of course this is a dominant activity in this area but we didn't want to limit our offer to wine passionates. There is much more here. So we asked for help some of our guests. We interviewed them about what attracted them to this area, what they liked best, why they would come back again and again.

Their answers had a lot in common and although expressed in different terms all comments led to the following points:

- looking for peaceful sites far from the crowd

- thru places not contaminated yet by the massive tourism with beautiful landscape

- experiencing a real local life was a major plus when having direct contact or hands on experience

- there was not a single or special village who would stand out but many guests suggested the similarities among them and the landscape.

Bingo! Job was done thanks to our guests contribution.

We have identified and selected the area comprising the villages of Monte San Vito, Morro d'Alba, San Marcello, Belvedere Ostrense, Ostra and the Senigallia hills far from the beaches.

All of those villages with their own peculiarities have many similarities so that the visitor could sense a common "fil rouge" while traveling across.

And guess what? Such area map almost exactly the restricted area of production for the Lacrima di Morro d'Alba red wine.

Multiple villages with the Lacrima in common turned into lands of Lacrima. Translated in Italian: Terre del Lacrima.

In our project, thru collaborations with partners and sponsors, we are promoting the Rural Tourism in this portion of the Marche region.

Offering a nice location, suggesting restaurants for great local food, discover the magical landscape it would not be enough for our mission.

We are here to put focus on the rural experience. We would like you to touch and live our region culture and people.

We are successful when our guests are bringing back home a vivid memory of a unique rural experience in the Terre del Lacrima.

Terre del Lacrima: Marche Rural Tourism

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