Terre del Lacrima

You could read this as it was a love story. As a matter of fact it is a love story. It's all about me falling in love with this region. I started visiting here while I was living in Milan and I was coming for business reasons. It was not a love at first sight. I mean, there was not a single item who would pick my attention to say whoa! Still, I started noticing there was something grabbing my attention that I could not clearly understand.

To cut a not so long story short, time after time I realized this place had several values. The landscape although changing driving thru the region it was always nice or beautiful with virtually no major monsters as it could happen to see sometime across Italy. Not only, crossing the several hills you could spot villages and hamlets. I felt I had to slow down and start admiring this panorama. With just a little of imagination, you could feel you have been traveling with the time machine bringing you back to the mediaeval age. Most of the villages are very well preserved confirming the traveler this historical sense of the old times. Compared to other regions in Italy, here in the Marche, there is strong sense of proudness of belonging to the village even if very small. And many are as small as below 100 citizens. Thanks to their proudness those villages are well maintained above what the local administration could do. To the tourist the result is overwhelming. Nothing is intentionally done to make it more attractive to the visitors. Nothing is fake. Everything is so totally true.

This is what made me fall in love, I finally realized. As a matter of fact, a year later I moved here and enjoyed since then every single day.

So I wanted to share such experience with friends at first and later with all those people who like traveling for experiencing and not just vacationing.

Time after time, such spirit materialized into a community - the Morro d'Alba Experience - and later on into the challenging project Terre del Lacrima led by this no profit association.

Our aim is to qualify and aggregate all of the possible experiences the travelers could be interested about making available and visibile before arriving to you.

As we are in a rural context still not impacted by the massive tourism, we would like to help you getting in contact with the locals experiencing our life style.

From picking up fresh vegetables from the garden to learn how to make home made pasta from, discover the walking trails, join the folk party for a dance and so on.

That's what we are working on.

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Terre del Lacrima - Marche Rural Tourism

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